Sunday 10th July 2022      10am – 4pm      Castle Square


Inspiring projects & activities

A family day, involving lots of interactive activities for children, such as making bug hotels and bird boxes, getting involved in art workshops, taking part in quizzes, and going on exciting bushcraft walks.

Most of the area’s environmental groups in attendance either running stalls, leading workshops or giving talks.

Lots of opportunities to find out how we can adapt our lives over the coming years.

An experts’ forum (think BBC’s Gardeners’ Question Time) where you can pose questions to a panel of experts before you take the plunge and buy an electric car or throw out your gas boiler in favour of an air-source heat pump system (electric bikes available for trial on the day).

As ever, a convivial atmosphere with a great line-up of music to listen to whilst you enjoy food from across the world, washed down with beer produced closer to home.

Between the bands, at Speaker’s Corner, opportunities for you to have your say or listen to others speaking  about environmental matters about which they feel passionate.

Apart from refreshments, just about everything at the festival is free!  But if you do fancy a little shopping, there will be stalls selling sustainably produced wares will provide you with plenty of opportunities.

Ludlow 21

Ludlow 21 is a local voluntary group established in 1998 to promote sustainable living in the Ludlow area within a fair and just global society.  We are an independent body with no political or council ties.

We are the principal independent voice for local sustainability, with very active groups that focus on fair-trade, recycling, transport, education, food & farming, swifts and more – not least organising the Green Festival!

Visit our stall to find out more.