Sunday 28 August 2016
10am – 4pm
Castle Square

Green Footprints

Green Fair Stalls
Tasty morsels, illuminating information and made with love items.

Activities For All To Enjoy

Menus for the FutureClaireSmall
Try out a Menu of the Future with the Royal Society of Biology as we explore food sustainability and alternative foods such as edible insects.

Accompanied by Galapagos Finch
Galapagos Finch is a scientist, explorer, musician, and general shambles. Join him for a sing along exploring some of the quirkier stories from the Natural World.

Polar Bear
Visit the model of an endangered polar bear made in artist led workshops (JessicaFoundIt) by young people at Rockspring Community Centre. To learn more about how it was created by The Furniture Scheme & the Ludlow 21’s 3Rs group, click here.

Come along to the Festival and enter the competition to name the polar bear! For more details click here.

Vintage Jazz Revival Band
Lively tunes from the 1920’s, New Orleans Jazz style, to get your feet tapping tapping from this local 6 piece band.

Beaumont Bicycles
Bring along your bike and get some free advice on how to adjust i-C9FHgFq-X2it for the optimum riding position. One of the few women framebuilders in the country, Liz Colebrook, award winning bike designer, will be on hand to help you get the best results. Beaumont Bicycles build bespoke bikes to carry on cycling whatever their ability.

Basic Bike Maintenance
Easy tips from local company, Beaumont Bicycles, to take care of your bike for miles more fun!

Awen Artistic Ironwork
Watch the skill of the blacksmith at his craft.

Ludlow 21
Showcase of new projects

Wigley’s Field Organic Allotments
11am – 4pm. A 10 minute walk from the town centre to the Allotments Open Day, where gardeners will inspire you with new ideas and the fruits of their efforts.

Children’s Activities:

Get in festive mood and make a large Pom-Pom-Pom with Scrappies, from wonderful recycled materials!

Beetles & Bees – Travelling Hedge

Wildlife role play provides plenty of fun

Meet the creatures of the Travelling Hedge, some of them pollinators, some looking for food and a home.

Find out why they have voted for Hawthorn to win a Wildlife Web Award.

Bike Powered Energy
Test how much energy you can generate by pedalling our special bicycle see if you can boil an egg!