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The ever-popular Ludlow Green Festival returned last year on Sunday, July 9th in Castle Square.  The theme was the ‘Worldwide Web of Life’ which indicates that everything in life is somehow connected and reliant on each other.  Therefore, the overall aim of the day was to highlight the importance of everybody reconnecting with nature.  The consequences of years of not doing right by the planet are now too obvious to ignore.  Living a greener life is no longer an eccentric fad: it is an absolute necessity.

The Green Festival brought together a great range of people keen to share their expertise and passion for living a more sustainable life.  People were invited to come along and meet them, listen to them, discuss ideas, take part in activities – be inspired.

On the day there were many free activities for families, including a challenge where children were able to design their own natural habitat; there was also advice from home repair enthusiasts; people could go on foraging walks; listen to short talks on a range of subjects; children joined workshops to paint animal profiles and to weave art using natural materials; people also along things to swap; and there were opportunity to meet representatives of many different local groups who are dedicated to promoting and protecting the web of life in their own areas.

There was a live music stage, with six different bands throughout the day.  Like all the other activities, they were free to enjoy.  As always there was also a great range of locally produced food and drink, including a Ludlow Brewery bar.  Added to that were dozens of stalls selling a huge range of sustainable wares.

The weather remained kind until near the end – it was once again a great day out.  Come along and join us again next year!

Ludlow 21

Ludlow 21 is a local voluntary group established in 1998 to promote sustainable living in the Ludlow area within a fair and just global society.  We are an independent body with no political or council ties.

We are the principal independent voice for local sustainability, with very active groups that focus on fair-trade, recycling, transport, education, food & farming, swifts and more – not least organising the Green Festival!

Visit our stall to find out more.

Green Festival 2023:  The World-wide Web of Life

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